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Who Are we?

Bali Diving School is a highly reputable Divecenter in Bali. We are experts in the training and guiding of people in diving. Our divemasters and Dive Instructors are highly experienced and they are highly equipped with modern teaching techniques. Our successful ten years of existence speaks volume of our trademark PADI and SSI Diving Course. We have produced thousands of expert divers who can now protect their selves and also protect others. Our core mandate is to develop and nurture the passion for diving in our trainees. We groom and build our trainees to become experts in ocean protection. This Diving School is equipped with modern learning facilities that assist learners in learning quickly. Our scuba dive center is well-insured, and our Gas filling station is well-equipped with a good brand in diving (Scubapro and Aqualung).Our speed boat is modern and sturdy. Our Scuba diving trips are enhanced by our Speedboat, which is specially designed to take our trainees to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. For trips on land, our mini-buses are always available to pick you from your doorstep and back to your lodge. Don’t be perturbed! You will surely enjoy the ride. Our mini-buses are fully air-conditioned, and they will continuously navigate you across the adventurous and eye-catching places on the Island of God to make you have good experience of Bali Diving.

What Do We Do?

Bali Diving School provides world-class diving training for people. This is not all! We also offer diving trips and tours to interested people. Our touring services are amazing, as we will take you to places that you never imagined—ever imagined about a trip to Nusa Penida? We will take you there. More so, the island of Menjangan is another destination, and we are quite sure that you will always relish the secret beauty therein. The secret bay is another joy to behold, especially for macro photography. With the sand-bottomed dives, Puri Jati is always a hub of fun. Tulamben is another destination for our trip, and you will enjoy the historic site of the USAT Shipwreck. Our services are quite reputable, and we are widely regarded as the Manta Rays, top-notch specialists in Macro lives, and the Ocean Sunfish (mola mola) hunters.

We are the leading Dive Centre in Bali, and we occupy both licenses and yet-to-be-licensed divers (try scuba diving program). You can harness our scuba diving courses to acquire both recreational and professional certificates in diving. In Bali Diving School, we offer several courses that you can enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver Course, PADI Rescue Diver Course, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, and PADI Divemaster Course. Do you wish to enroll in PADI IDC? We will provide you with the necessary information that you need.

Our services also include hotel reservations and recommendations. We book for you based on your budget, and you would always love the room reservations because we follow your preferences while booking the hotels. You can contact us if you are planning for a tour or trip, and we will offer you free transport services throughout your stay in our lodges. Our morning transportation covers places such as Dua, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Denpasar, and Legian.

Other locations will attract extra charges. As leaders in underwater scuba diving, our services also cover marine Video coverage and photo sessions. Are you planning an underwater wedding? Do you wish to undertake an underwater video shoot or documentary? We are specialists, and our expert divers will handle the task with simplicity and apt professionalism.
We are not only the leaders in teaching diving, but we are popular for underwater videography. We are excellent at taking shots in macro and micro-video and photo sessions in Bali.

We are outstanding in providing a diving experience for those without any diving experience. You can just give it a try by enrolling in our diving trip packages. Come and experience diving in a world-class site for diving located in Tulamben or Sanur. ( This is set aside for a single pool session and single or double ocean dives).

We have packages for the qualified divers in our daily diving package, in the site of USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben, at the Crystal Bay and Manta Point in Nusa Penida, Padang Bay, Menjangan, and Gilis.
With us, you will have an awesome experience with Dive Safari Trips. The Dive safari trips are not limited to underwater diving in Islands but also comprises of tours on land.

Bali Scuba Diving

Bali has so many diving sites are you a must-see! once you diving in bali  our aquatic safari will offer you a glimpse of paradise. All our diving sites are unique. You will feed your eyes with amazing sites during our Scuba diing voyage in the heart of Bali in Indonesia. Have you ever wished to visit the habitat of fishes? Our diving tour will offer you a full glance of aquatic lives. You will garner a totally new experience. The marauding arrays of Fishes in the waters will provide you with an unforgettable experience of the underwater world. You will watch different You will see new things, not the one you can ever come across on land. After an experience in the deepest part of the Bali diving site, I’m sure that you will never want to come above the water again!
If you want to forget the struggle and anxiety of the world above the sea level, then join us in the underwater voyage, which is entirely a new world. All your stress and distress will flow away with the water currents.

Bali Diving Site

Most of our scuba diving sites in Bali are situated within the coral triangle, and they boost about 700 species of coral and about 3000 species of fishes.
These creatures will greet and welcome you with the warmest approach. They will lead you to the most scintillating experience you can ever have. Your action is to follow their leads and observe the way they change your heart and meltdown any pillar in there.
Do you want to feel the power of relaxation? Do you want to have a memory that sticks to you like your name? Come and experience the unusual!
Nature is beautiful, it is great! Nature is not limited to the one we experience daily on land. Come over to the world of new creatures, and embrace the beauty and power of nature! The school of tropical fishes is a must-see! The turtles, Manta rays, and Mola Mola will offer you a swelled time. Indeed, the geography, warmness of the water, and the unique experience of the seafloor will remain evergreen in your memories.
Itemized below are some of our popular Dive Sites in Bali. Each one of these sites offers several memorable moments:
● Scuba diving site Manta Point Nusa Penida Bali
● A unique experience with Mola-Mola (Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Bali and Blue Corner Lembongan Island)
● Drift diving accompanied by the crossing of the path with turtles and sharks (Mangrove Point and SD Point Nusa Penida Bali)
● Looking-out for the smallest creatures: (Melasti, Sidem and Seraya Secret Point in Tulamben Bali)
● Historical diving from world war 2 in USAT Liberty Wreck (Tulamben Bali)
● Exploring of Coral reefs and nudibranch in Macro photography (Padang Bay Bali)

===Learn Diving in Bali

Bali experience is no doubt that Bali is the number one place to learn diving. What is the secret? From time immemorial, Bali has been synonymous with diving. They are pragmatic and professional in their approach. You will surely garner great experiences in diving if you learn diving in Bali. Bali is known as the diving school with many expert divers with outstanding credibility. If you learn diving in Bali, you will get all the experiences, and you will be able to dive like a professional.

The Shipwreck (USAT Liberty in Tulamben) is one of the Bali Diving Sites, and it is the most renowned and easiest shipwreck in the world. The site wreck only requires you to do shore dive, and the wreck is so close to the beach.

Taking PADI open water diver course with Bali Diving School gives you the privilege to visit this famous dive site twice. Learners are not left behind because USAT Liberty is also famous for beginners to learn diving. You will acquire more experience of adventure by taking our continual Bali diving courses like; PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Rescue Diver, and PADI Divemaster courses.

In Bali Diving Course, our instructors are highly certified in PADI and in other relevant skills. Lectures are delivered in several languages such as English, Indonesian, and Chinese languages. We give lectures in the languages mentioned above. More so, course materials are available in the different languages mentioned above. You must inform us ahead of time about your preferred language. You can do so during your registration process.

Our Scuba Diving Bali training is tailored towards your comfort; hence, our package includes:
• The provision of Oxygen kits in all the dive sites in cases of Emergency
• Guides and instructors with in-depth knowledge of the dive sites
• Regular and prompt servicing of our Aqualung and Scuba Pro dive pieces of equipment.
• We also provide safari and adventure trips on land via our air-conditioned mini-busses.

With this, we get you acquainted with the traditional ambiance of Bali.
Our prices are pocket-friendly, and they all depend on your needs, your location, and your level. You can book a course with just $80, but the price can rise to $700. For daily diving trips, you should be ready to pay about $100 in some cases, you may not be charged for accommodation, meals, etc. The deals are simply breathtaking. Take your time to go through the best packages and their prices. I’m sure you will find your perfect deal.

hawksbill turtle
manta in Nusa Penida

Very good experience in total. The dive master guiding me was good. The transportation was alright. Lunch was provided. the dive sites were great and the guidance was more than perfect

Edward Alwi

I would really recommend learning to dive with Bali Diving School in Sanur. My instructor for the three-day beginner course was Dhika, who was the perfect teacher.


Great first diving experience! I did the open water diver course. All of the staff at the dive center is very friendly. Our teacher Dhika was very knowledgeable and explained everything very good. 


My instructor Dhika was nice and patient. He demonstrated care of the environment by collecting plastic and providing clear direction on what we can and can’t do.


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