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Amed Divesite

Amed is one of the best dive site for learning diving and heaven for the one that loves with macro photography.  Amed is located on the North East coast of Bali, not far from Tulamben 2 hour from Denpasar.  The Jemeluk Bay is the most favorite place to visit it’s a beautiful black sand beach, and surrounded with restaurants, unique hotels and villas.  The Jemeluk bay which are all sheltered from wind and waves, and that is favorable for diving and snorkeling site.

Relaxing and authentic of Bali atmosphere, diving area could be accessed from a traditional boat called a jukung (small boat is like a canoe with stabilizers on both side). Amed beach area its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by traditional salt-makers, and its view of the Mount Agung volcano, Amed gives you a feeling for the traditional of genuine in Bali. The rich biodiversity of the coral attracts underwater photographers, naturalists, and divers that are passionate about marine biology to visit. Diverse possibilities for diving, starting from the shore or from a Jukung, a beautiful critter of nudibranch, shrimps and other Macro lovers, possibility of drift diving along the Amed pyramid artificial reef and it is recommended for the particular atmosphere of the wall dives. Amed underwater has known for its gorgonian sea fan in coral bommies and advantageous sunlight that is awesome for wide angle photographers. Macro-lovers will have a chance to see the famous little thing of pink pigmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti)


Amed wall and Jemeluk bay is the same spot for diving the thing that you can see in this area is plenty of bommies and big sea fan for wide angle photography. Amed wall and Jemeluk bay can be accessed by Jukung or shore dive. In the flat sloping reef that turns into a mini drop off wall where you have the chance to see Black Tip Reef Sharks, Giant Groupers and Giant Tuna. Just on the outer edge of the coral reef, you will enter the water after a quick 5 min boat ride in a jukung traditional boat.  The current here is often calm, and the dive is conducted in a vertical wall with a maximum depth of 40m. Go down to the water you will see your way along the steep wall when diving, and passing giant of sea fan gorgonians that cover massive boomies, multicolored fish about in the blue. From overhead, the shadow of the jukung awaits your bubbles ready to pick you up.


Lipah Bay is a quiet bay located 4km from Jemeluk bay and can be accessed by road and boat trip. The shipwreck, about 20 meters long, and located 15m from the beach, between a slope coral reef and sandy bottom. Lipah or Japanese shipwreck get its names of Japanese style toilets, but the history of this wreck is undiscovered so much known. It lays down beteen 6 and 12 meters deep from the surface, and it’s listed as the shalow dive site.

Pyramid Amed

The Pyramids dive site is just 10 minute boat sail with traditional Jukung.  The Pyramid dive site is made up of concrate block of artificial reefs that serve as home for biodiversity of marine life. The reef is between 12-25metres deep, you will find plentty of pyramid block artificial reefs while do drift diving that are magnificently masive by plenty of damsel fish, trumpet fish, leaf scorpionfish, ghost pipefish, frog fish, titan triggerfish, blue spotted stingrays, garden eels, and nudibranches.

When you see more deeply in the big sea fan you can also see the pink pigmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibantI), This pygmy seahorse which is camouflages with the gorgonians with the same color and texture as its body.  The size of the body is about 1cm, it is very difficult to find! The body is a very delicate, The main predator of this critter is hawkfish and damsel fish so if there is sea fan with no this fish the chance to se this critter is bigger.

siloute manta in bali

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