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Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan Divesite

Nusa Penida Island is one of the famous dive site in Bali to sight the big animal such as Manta Ray, Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) and Shark. There is an island, no, actually three islands that have the title of the best dive site around Bali. It is mostly famous for the corals and fishes, from common ones like clownfish into something rare – the Mola Molas, also known as Ocean Sunfish. I’m not sure but you couldn’t see them elsewhere. Luckily Bali has one place where you can see them so, let’s go underwater!

So, the islands that I mentioned are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Ceningan. Located right on the eastern of Bali, only an hour ride by the specialize diving speed boat from Sanur, Bali. But if we are talking about diving from Bali, everything began from Bali and we will be back to Bali again after the trip finished

The three islands are different – it depends on what you would like to see, the islands have everything. From the manta ray, sunfishes, sharks, and many more. So, without further again, let’s going down into discussing the dive site one by one! Let’s get it on

Manta Point and Manta Bay – Nusa Penida  

Both of them are one of the most popular dive sites in Bali. Especially among the divers who strives to see the majestic Manta Rays. Its popularity is not surprising – these are the place where you can see them, and the good news is, there is no exact season so you can dive here every day between the Manta Point and Manta Bay, the chances for spotting the mantas are higher in Manta Point in underwater rock cleaning station. But because of Mother Nature (it’s unpredictable, trust me!) sometimes you can also see them in Manta Bay. It depends on your luck but our Divemaster always do the best to make you see the Majestic Manta.

Depth: 3-37m Visibility: 5- 20 meters, distance to the site: 45 minutes speedboat ride

Diver and Manta
Orange blue fish mandarin fish
Turtle in the sea
Coral Underwater
Diver and Fish

Crystal Bay – Nusa Penida

Situated at the Southwest side of Nusa Penida, the name stands for the Crystal-Clear visibility. The dive site takes around the cliff to gently slope. The diving will take place on the slope around the cliff, from the shallow to the deep. The shallow part is where you can see the beautiful part of coral reefs with varieties of fishes – from big to smaller ones. As we going deeper, it is switched from beauty to the exotic mola mola which we can see in the winter season of Bali (July – November). But it will be cold, so let’s prepare a 5mm wetsuit.

Depth: 3-37m, Visibility: 10 – 30 meters, distance to the site: 45 minutes speedboat ride.

Toyapakeh – Nusa Penida

From both of the dive sites mentioned previously, Toyapakeh is a bit different. Located between Nusa Penida and Lembongan, it means we will expect to have a bit of current. But in exchange, the reefs are healthy and we can enjoy the blooming coral gardens. And because of the currents, it means drift dive! It’s amazing.

Depth: 3-37m, Visibility: 10-40m, Distance to the site: 45-60minutes speedboat ride.

SD point – Nusa Penida

Here’s a funny story of SD point – Nusa Penida, The dive site was named after the elementary school that just located on the opposite of the island, SD is the acronym from Sekolah Dasar (elementary school in Indonesian language). Famous for the drift dive, which we fly through The beautiful corals and we will see the school fishes, including large queen angelfish, large puffer fish, parrotfish, turtles and if we are luck The white-tip reef sharks as well. Oh, did I mention it also the location to see the Mola Mola? Yeap, so let’s cross our fingers and toes.

Depth: 3-40m, Visibility: 10-35m, distance to the site: 45-60 minutes speedboat ride.

Pura Ped Temple – Nusa Penida

This dive site is located on the north coast of Nusa Penida, Ped Temple is famous for its healthy reefs and it is massive! I mean, it’s magnificent. You will find quite a lot of fishes that live here, especially the varieties of puffer fish including the giant puffer fish with 1 meter long. Another life that we can see is batfish, clownfish, nudibranch, turtles, sometimes reef sharks pass by. Oh, Pura Ped also famous for the drift dive but sometimes the current is not that strong – make it perfect for a non-certified diver and snorkelers as well. 

Depth: 3-37m, Visibility: 10-30m, distance to the site: 45-60 minutes speedboat ride.

The Mangrove – Nusa Lembongan

Talking about the diving trip in Lembongan, I think it’s not enough if we don’t speak about the Mangrove. It’s widely known for the marine life that lives between the healthy mangrove trees! Because of that, there are no many currents and a perfect location for a family trip. There are many types of fishes here from the turtles, moray eel, triggerfish, and Barracudas. If we are lucky enough, sometimes we can spot the dolphins that passing by. 

Depth: 2-18m, Visibility: 10-15m, distance to the site: 45-60 minutes speedboat ride.

Blue Corner – Nusa Lembongan

From all the dive sites around the island, Blue Corner is the perfect challenge that you look for. The current here is quite strong, but what you can see will change your mind set about deep diving. Talking about the condition, the current flows between 5-20meters deep… it means we will kick out from the surface to the deep. Once you get down, you will find the black stingrays, bull rays, reef sharks and you can guess it, the Mola mola. Make sure you are certified as advanced divers and fill your logbook as much as possible. If you have all the criteria, then let’s go diving together 🙂

Depth: 7-40m, Visibility: 10-30m, Distance to the site: 30-45 minutes boat ride.

The Wall – Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan’s dive site almost the same with the infamous Blue Corner. Sometimes you will get strong currents, so make sure to have advanced certified divers in your pocket and experience. Otherwise, as you can guess, beautiful corals, Tuna, Barracuda, and many surprises that await. Sometimes we can also have a drift dive due to the currents – that’s why The Wall is quite famous among the experienced divers. Well, I’m not surprised. The drift is exceptionally fun!

Depth: 10-30m, Visibility: 10-15m, Distance to the site: 30-45 minutes boat ride

Coral in Bali

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