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Sometimes there is this kind of feeling where you want to join all the fishes underwater. You have tried snorkeling before and decided to try diving. I believe you know how it feels and yeap, going underwater is far more better than just swimming on the surface – for some people.  And if you feel you want to do more than just trying the diving and you want to explore the deep, then you must take the PADI Open Water course and join your friends to go underwater in warm water Bali Ocean!

You might ask what is the differences between the regular Try Diving with the Open Water Course, well, it’s different indeed. On the Open Water course, we will learn further about scuba diving. starting with the equipment introduction, the buoyancy skill, all the diving knowledge that we need while we are underwater. All of them are important if you want to begin your adventure as an independent diver. The point is, having fun and serious at the same time 🙂

 By the way, the depth that we can reach after the course is actually different based on the diver’s age. For example, the maximum depth for a minimum of 10 years old is 12 meters – this is called the Junior Open Water diver. And if you reach 13 years old, then you can reach a maximum of 18 meters. We can go diving in any dive site in the world, with a dive guide on our side.

Prerequisites Open Water

After understanding the principle of the Open Water course, some people are curious if there is something that you need to have in taking the course. Well, yes there is but believe me you can do it!

 Before taking the OW course, you need to:

  • Be at least 10 years old, then you can take the Junior Open Water course.
  • After that, you can take the OW course at a minimum of 13 years old.
  • Swimming skill is also important, but you can learn this for sure
  • And the most important thing is having good health.
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Diving set up
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Introductory dive

Details itinerary Open Water

the Open Water course can be done in three different section such as:

Section 1 – knowledge Development.

In this section, the instructor will give the PADI’s Open Water material which will cover every necessary knowledge for doing scuba diving. It included basic scuba diving skills, terminology, and safety procedures. All of this normally done in the classroom. However, if your date is limited, you can also do it at home by taking the PADI E-learning.

Section 2 – the Pool Training.

Alright! After the theory finished and we finally understand about scuba diving, then, it’s time for the fun-but-serous part… it is the pool Training. In this section, the instructor will help you to transform all the knowledge that we learn previously, into the necessary skills that will use while doing the Open Water diving. Now, let’s say we have done both of the sections… finally, we will roll into the final step!

Section 3 – the Open Water dives.

If you couldn’t resist taking the salty water of the ocean, we finally arrives into the final round of our course. The open water dives normally take 2 days to do the total 4 open water dives. The diving will take place on the dive site that is safe and secure (Usually in Tulamben and Padang By Bali dive site, but full of diverse marine life. This will make the course more fun, but still serious since the instructor will always be beside you. Don’t worry, they just make sure you got the skill 😊

Oh, by the way, the Open Water course normally dan in three days. If you have read the section above, you are right, we will do it step by step. Starting from the theory and the pool training on day 1, then the Open Water diving on the day 2 and 3.

After we passed the exam, you will then receive the PADI Open Water Diver Card. Normally the two different types of Card that you will receive. First, is the physical card which will be sent directly by PADI to your house. Since the shipping will take quite a long time depend on the country, PADI will send the virtual card to your email. You can also save it to your phone while traveling. Just in case we didn’t bring the card with us.

By the way, the certification will last forever. Means you don’t need to renew it, and you can go diving whenever you want

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