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Going further in becoming a pro diver, the Advanced Open Water course will take you to the next level. We will learn new skills and specialties to go deeper, gain more confidence, and feel more relaxed while we are underwater.  The knowledge that we will learn is more advanced than the previous one, but you don’t need much experience to do it. You only need to be sure that you got your Open Water card ready, you can do it whenever you want – you can do it directly after you complete the previous course, or perhaps years after. It depends on your schedule, make sure it fit! Bali is the best place to continue your diving level as PADI Advanced Open Water because Bali ocean is suitable for taking all the specialty.

Schedule-wise, the course will take at least 2 days. We will do 5 dives to learn the 5 different specialties. For the dive site, it will also depend on which specialties that you will take. Bali’s dive site is so diverse and each of them has its specialties. Perhaps you can visit all of them while we do the AOW course.

Prerequisites Advance Open Water Diver

Alright! since we have all the important information (and necessary) while doing the AOW course in Bali, then you also need to know the things that you need to have before signing up and doing the course.

So here we are:

  • One of the most important things is, having the Open Water certification. But if you already did it with different associations like SSI or NAUI, that is absolutely okay! As long as it is equal with PADI Open Water, you definitely can do it.
  • The minimum 12 years old if you want to do the PADI Junior Advanced Open Water course.
  • you also need to be at least 15 years old to do the PADI Advanced Open Water course.
  • Know how to swim
  • Be in good health, it’s important!
    Blue Ring Octopus
    Purple soft coral
    Small fish in the coral
    Mantis Shrimp

    Details itinerary Advance Open Water Diver

    Fun fact:  the cool thing about the PADI AOW course, you can take it even though you have different certifications. For example, SSI, NAUI, Cmas, etc. just make sure you got the same level as OW course. Here are a little explanation about the adventure specialties,

    Deep Diver

    This skill is one of the mandatory skills that we need to learn. This skill will give us the knowledge on how to plan your deep diving, buddy contact procedures and then buoyancy control. You will also learn how to manage your air, and safety considerations. The best place to do this is in Nusa Penida Bali, Because you will Have a chance to see ocean sun fish in the deep area.

    Underwater Navigator

    The Underwater navigation is the last mandatory skill that we need to learn on the AOW course. With this skill, you will increase your observatory skills, especially navigating using a compass. What you will learn include estimating the distance underwater, making a mark or position from the surface, as well as map-making. Tulamben Bali is the best place to do this adventure dive.

    Drift diver

    It is one of the mandatory skills that you can choose (yeap, you get the freedom to do it). What we can learn here is the introduction to the drift diving equipment – the lines, floats, and reels. Also, we will learn the causes and the effect of current and why we can do it. But most importantly, you will learn how to staying close with your buddy or the dive guide and how to find the boat right after the end of the diving.  Again the best place to di this is in nusa penida.

    Boat diver

    Since you are in Bali and already did the Open Water Course, the instructor will also teach you the basics of boat diving.. but during the AOW course, we will learn it further. We will learn about the boat terminology, the procedures, and etiquette, including how to enter and exit while before and after the trip. Also, we will learn where to tow your gear.

    Wreck diver

    There are different types or wreck around the world. The one that you can dive especially in Tulamben, also the one that is protected by the government due to its history. The things that we will learn here include the safety considerations for navigating and exploration, mapping the wreck, techniques to avoid kicking up or disturbing the wreck and the other marine life.

    Peak Performance Buoyancy

    PPB is one of the most famous choice for the AOW course. It’s also important to improve our balance underwater. You will learn to determine the exact weight you need, cropping your equipment so we can balance and the weight to perfectly balanced underwater, streamline to save energy, use air more efficiently and hovering smoothly.

    Fish ID

    Or known as the Fish Identification, it’s the skill that will introduce us with the underwater marine life – Charles Darwin style. While learning this skill, we will be taught how to identify the characteristics of the local fish species, fish-surveying techniques and strategies. Its also connected to the Project AWARE activities so we can help PADI to protect the marine life.

    Night diver

    Going diving on the night is different, yet its an amazing experience that the divers can get… especially seeing the nocturnal fishes, and the planktons that can shine in the dark! If you choose the night diver skill, the instructor will teach you how to handle the torch as well as the communication skill, going into the water and exit, also identifying the nocturnal species and its behavior during the night.

    Underwater Naturalist

    Going more deeper about the underwater life, it means you need to take this skill. Basically, we will learn how to differentiate between the terrestrial and aquatic worlds, major aquatic life groupings and their interactions. You will also receive all the knowledge that will break all the myths that have been haunted your head. It’s wonderful.

    Underwater videographer

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