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Bali Safari Trip (Diving Package In Bali)

Bali is a diver’s paradise. The island is a vortex of underwater richness, surrounding the island of gods. Aside to abundant biodiversity, its location on the brink the Indian Ocean is home to powerful currents and rollercoaster rides.
This also means this wealthy marine life has its regular visits from large and unusual pelagic fish such as the incredible and rare sunfish or Mola Mola during July – October, diving with Manta in Bali which is located in the south of Nusa Penida the neighboring island, and the spot to experience advanced and challenging dives. Tulamben Shipwreck Diving is attractive too, located in the East of Bali main island.

Why safari trip is one of good choice to do in Bali is because safe time and make your diving trip in Bali more effcient in time managment. We provide safari trip from the east to the west of Bali trip dive site. Our Divemaste high qualified to bring you everywhere you want. Usualy safari diving trip takes time around 5 – 6  days. with six days you almost can cover all the dive site in Bali. Our price is always the best for this trip. So don’t hesitate to ask any question to us. 

Safari and liveaboard trip in Indonesia

Safari trip in Bali is one of favourite trip in Bali. Safari trip is one packages of diving trip to enjoy all the divesite in Bali in one time arrangement. Usually safari diving trip will include with the accommodation private divemaster and private car for all the trip. Our safari diving trip in Bali usually take 7 days trip. Safari diving trip in Bali will start to dive in Nusa Penida and will go around Bali after that. We have custom safari diving trip for you. In here we will tell you what will you get in safari trip.
Day 1.
You will stay in Sanur area and will do 3 dive in Nusa Penida, and after back from diving you will back to your hotel.
Day 2
At 8.00 am we will pick you up and bring you to the next dive site, the name is Padang Bay or Candi dasa site

Day 3
will move to tulamben and will go dive there.

Day 4

Stay in Tulamen and enjoy another dive site in tulamben for more dive site you can see from this link.



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Tulamben DIvesite

Tulamben dive site is one the most dive site in Bali, The most easiest ship wreck in the world only in Bali, So you must try.

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