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Tulamben Divesite

Tulamben is one of the famous diving sites in Bali which is located on the east coast of Bali. Very well-known among all the divers by its marine life and it’s quite a unique one. Make it famous for everybody who loves macro photography. But not only that, actually there are many things that Tulamben is famous for. Tulamben is one of the best dive site that you have to try when you are diving in Bali. It is like the highlight of dive site in Bali. The most easiest shipwreck in the world is only in Bali, so you must try to dive in Bali.

Tulamben Bali also has so many secret dive site to visit. In Tulamben Bali you can find some beautiful critter for macro photography. Tulamben also the home for Bumphead Parrotfish and some reff shark, ealry morning dive is the best time to see them,

 And this time, we will jump up into the deep, while discussing every side of This magnificent place. Let’s check it out!


USAT Liberty Wreck Tulamben Bali

It is the famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck – one of the reasons why you need to visit Tulamben. some people might ask what was the American cargo ship doing there. Well, the story began when she ordered to deliver a Cargo from Australia to Philipines. Then, in 1942, the ship was hit by the Japanese submarine’s torpedo… but she didn’t sink yet, which is amazing! but the damage was beyond repair. Then, the ship was abandoned until 1963, the eruption of Mount Agung delivers the ship into her current resting place. And now, it becomes the house of the healthy coral reefs and much different underwater life – from the smallest to quite the big one. Like turtle for example. So for you who like macro photography, this will be the best chance for you.

On the other hand, the wreck dive site is an easy dive. It’s really perfect for every certification level, beginners, and snorkelers as well. The shipwreck lies from 6 to 30 meters deep, also quite close to the shore. It means no need for boats, just a bit of swim and you will arrive, and amazed by its beauty.

The Drop Off Tulamben Bali

It is the underwater wall in Tulamben that we talked about – it was naturally shaped by Mt. Agung on a long time ago. If the condition is good, there are many beautiful things that you can see there. From the coral reefs to the diverse and different types of marine life. Well, that’s why it is famous for every diver who loves photography and snorkelers as well. Also, the freedivers whose looking for another challenge.

Mentioning about the marine life, there are so many that we can look for – from the smallest like the nudibranchs, seahorses into something awesome like the scorpionfish, ghost pipefish that hide behind the black coral bushes. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and let’s go underwater!

USAT Liberty Wreck Bali
Green Nudibranch
Tulamben Bali


The site itself is quite famous for muck diving. It is basically the underwater heaven specially intended for you the macro enthusiast. There are many species that you can find here. From the Harlequin shrimp as well as the seahorses. Also, the bigger fishes like another type of shrimp called the Mantis, Ornate Ghost Pipefish. For you who goes for Macro photography, the nudibranchs that you can find are the rare ones. Like the Sheep nudibranch for example. By the way, there are also unique things that you can find there. Like the Octopus, mimic octopus, stingrays, and the uniquely shaped Crabs and Mantis – it’s the different one from the Harlequin that we talked about haha… but speaking about that, you can also see it while doing the night dive – about 12 meters deep while he having a Starfish for dinner. To reach the dive site, there are two ways – using the traditional Balinese boat that is called Jukung, or we can drive with the car to reach the dive site. It’s pretty easy.


The Secret of Seraya (that’s the name that I like to use) is the ultimate muck diving spot and macro photography. With shallow black-sand bottom, you can take your time enjoying the hunt for strange small creatures that waiting to be found. They normally hide all of the places, from the stone and the corals as well – but that when the fun begins 🙂

So grab your Camera because we will find something that is unique – ghost pipefish, boxer crabs, Zebra crabs (even I never saw one) Colman Shrimps that hide in the fire urchins, frogfish, nudibranchs, and elusive mimic Octopuses! All of them are magnificent.

Emerald Dive Site

Unique, is the word that can describe the Emerald dive site. It is famous among underwater photographers because of the marine life as well as the artificial coral gardens. Well, the unique part from the garden is, you can actually spot a Toyota Minivan here covered by the corals. It is now becoming the new house of all types of marine life.

Speaking about the fishes, there are many of them that you can find. Starting from the shallow parts which the Garden, it becomes the house of the cuttlefish, Dartfish, Gobies, Helmut Gurnard as well as the nudibranchs. On the other part of the Garden, you will find the Garden eels

From the shallow part, going into a bit deep into 20/30m to find the elephant-ear sponges, Gorgonian sea fans and barrel sponges. That is the place where we normally see the pygmy seahorses, also its become the hangout-place for Napoleon Wrasse, often the reef sharks.

Batu Niti Point

Diving at Batu Niti is a different experience. That is because it was the point where the lava of Mount Agung flow on the last eruption in 1963 (remember what happened with USAT Liberty Shipwreck in the same year? Yeap, it’s the same time). Now, you can still see the lava rocks and the crates, but with beautiful corals. You will love it!

Other than that, the site is amazing, it is covered with huge barrel sponges and coral bushes. You can spot the nudibranchs, Coleman’s shrimps, Donald duck shrimps, frogfish and many more. You definitely need to bring your cameras for sure.

Batu Kelebit

In fact, the dive site itself is different than the other dive site around Tulamben. You will easily find out why – the striking part will be the white sand beach, with two huge rocks that lie in the offshore. As you swim deeper, the scenery is directly changing. Once we saw the three rapid ridges, we’ll witness the wonderful varieties of hard and soft corals, fire and table corals with sea fans and sponges. That is simply dramatic! however, please watch out of the fire corals – don’t touch them.

Basically, it’s not only the topography that is different. Since the water is rich in planktons, the marine life is also different. You will normally see different types of rays, tunas, and barracudas. The black and the white tip sharks also like to hang out here.

Batu Belah (Sidem)

Located on the southern area of Tulamben, the dive site is an exceptionally beautiful both on the beach and also on the deep. We can actually enjoy a bit of breakfast in the morning while chilling and enjoying the scenery that the beach has. It’s the traditional Balinese life complete with fishing boat, trees, coffee on the hand and a bit of the Pisang Goreng. That is the life that I look for!

The best time to dive here is in the afternoon… while we jump to the water, we will meet a volcanic slope and we will gently down into 20meters. Here lives a small community of corals and sponges, fans and rocks to explore. And the fishes love to wondering the areas, including the ghost pipefish, Spiky porcupine fish, the mantis shrimp, and the highlight; the boxer crabs.

Kubu Boga Shipwreck.

Going to the north from the infamous USAT Liberty Shipwreck, there is another wreck that is waiting to be found – that is the Kubu Boga. The name was taken from the village where the dive site located, here lies the new ship that sleep underwater. It’s still intact, you can even explore the inner side of the ship to see many interesting things. That includes a Buddhist statue, glass bottles, porcelain and oh, the Volkswagen safari that still intact!

A bit of story of the ship – it was previously used as a patrol vessel of the department of sea communication. And in 2012, it was sunk for good and it becomes the new house of all the marine life in Tulamben. The thing that we can spot includes moray eels, barracuda, surgeonfish, scorpionfish and many more. It’s the favorite location among all the advanced divers.

Cantik Point

in the Indonesian language, Cantik means beautiful. It means everything that you can find will make you feel satisfied. You know what I mean 😉

basically, it’s a shallow dive. Once you enter, you will find a wide area of volcanic sands until you will find the wall on the right side of the beach. Once you arrived here, you will find the beauty – the unique soft corals with green seagrass, dancing by the currents.

On the other hand, the marine life here is wonderful. Starting with the baby frogfish, and clownfish that you can see near the anemones. Well, sometimes they just hiding behind the rocks or the corals, so it’s a little bit of treasure hunt while we search for them. Oh, by the way, watch out for the triggerfish! They normally can be aggressive during the egg season.

harley quin shrimp

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